The rear of Home Depot in Golden, Colorado, at sunrise, where early dawn light mixes with green of HID lamps.

Home Depot Dawn.

A white and blue pattern below the overpass in central Denver.

White and Blue Pattern.

In Commerce City Colorado there's a train yard north of the highway where an industrial landscape prevails.

Twisted Fence and Pole.

Three trees at an abandoned mall leave their shadows against the wall.

Trees Against the Mall.

A tree growing in a parking lot in western Denver close to electric utility poles.

A Tree Grows in Denver

A train passes by a Big Mac sign with a car lifted on a stand in Commerce City, Denver.

Train, Car, Big Mac.

A snowy day on the South Platte as it passes by Eliche's Amusement Park in Denver.

Eliche's in Denver.

The Platte River with clouds reflected on it.

Platte River Dusk.

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