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Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz  began to photograph consistently in 2001 inspired by color, space, and drama of the San Luis Valley, CO. Drawing on his practice of meditation, he emphasized letting the senses be open as he moved about the landscape, rather than working from preconceived ideas. He began to find photography to be an act of interruption. Being present with the senses has a way of interrupting the subtle stream of thoughts and concepts about what he was seeing. Sasha attempts to photograph from that place as much as possible. Later in urban environments, he also approached their visual complexity as an arrangement of many parts rather than with specific themes in mind.

Sasha’s wish is that his photographs provide a similar moment of awareness and appreciation for viewers. He derived two series from the San Luis Valley, the "San Luis Valley Series" that focuses on the open landscape and open perception, and the "Valley Sculpture Series" that explores the sculptural dimension of arigcultural objects such as stacks of hay bales. Other bodies of work include a study of the places where the urban meets the natural, called "Urban Edge," and a series of photographs of artists' used paint tubes, called "Artist's Helpers." Most recently, he created a new body of work with a tongue-in-cheek title, "Photography in Oil," also set in the San Luis Valley. Currently he is at work on a project to document the 9th Street Bridge in Brooklyn.

Sasha is the son of acclaimed color photographer Joel Meyerowitz, widely known for his ground-breaking book, Cape Light. Sasha now lives in New York with his wife and son, who studies piano professionally. Sasha continues to photograph in the city and the San Luis Valley.



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