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Sasha Meyerowitz is the son of acclaimed color photographer Joel Meyerowitz, who is widely known for his ground-breaking book, Cape Light. Sasha began to photograph seriously in 2001 inspired by color, space, and drama of the San Luis Valley, CO, where he lived with his wife and son. He came to see photography as an act of interruption. To look at the landscape without preconceived ideas of subject matter, with an emphasis on letting the five senses be open, goes beyond the descriptive, e.g., "this is a pretty landscape or those mountains are lit beautifully." Rather the parts and pieces of the visual field form an experience that is both abstract in nature, i.e., not necessairly associated with language, and full of significance and meaning at the same time. Sasha’s wish is that his photographs provide a similar moment of awareness and appreciation for viewers. Sasha derived two series from the San Luis Valley, the "San Luis Valley Series" that focuses on the open landscape and open perception, and the "Valley Sculpture Series" that explores the sculptural dimension to arigcultural objects such as stacks of hay bales. Other bodies of work include a study of the places where the urban meets the natural, called "Urban Edge," and a series of photographs of artists' used paint tubes, called "Artist's Helpers."

Sasha now lives in New York with his wife and son, who studies piano professionally at Mannes Prep with Elena Leonova and attends PCS. Sasha continues to photograph in the city.


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