​Photographing in Oil is a tongue in cheek title but comes from an earnest place. I was wondering, could I photograph within the constraints of a disciplined landscape painter? The subject matter of the agricultural life of the San Luis Valley lent itself to that project. There's a chance for formal repetition with similar structures and settings. I wanted detail to be a primary aspect of the work and as buildings and electric lines and fields came into the frame I thought of them as choices of the painter's imagination. To take it further I decided upon a fixed focal length of 180mm, experimented and came to an unusual aspect ratio, mainly photographed during the same time of day, and worked at a similar distance from the objects in the frame. Detail and consistency. Composition and repetition. These were new boundaries. I found that having these limitations was a pleasure and allowed the decision-making to really be about the structure of the photograph rather than searching for a moment.

Prints comes in three sizes, editions of 12.

A white farm house with a red roof and outbuildings set against a beautiful field of yellow canola flowers in the san luis valley of southern colorado.

White Farm House with Red Roof, San Luis Valley, CO.

In contrast to the yellow canola the potato fields yield a sea of white flowers that look cooling in the hot san luis valley of southern colorado.

Farm House and Mountains with Potato Field, San Luis Valley, CO.

Yellow canola flowers form a bright bed across which you can see a center pivot sprinkler and home in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado.

Canola Field with Center Pivot Sprinkler and Buildings, San Luis Valley, CO.

A field near Monte Vista, Colorado, with a center pivot sprinkler, some telephone poles, and fencing.

Simple Composition of Field in Disuse and Telephone Poles, near Monte Vista, CO.

A series of storage tanks in rural San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Storage Tanks, Highway 285, near W Country Road 6-N, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Three connected storage structures alongside Rd 150N south of Center Colorado in late afternoon light.

Three Connected Storage Stuctures Alongside Rd 105N, South of Center, CO.

An unused field near Hooper, Colorado, late in July.

Field in Disuse with Rolls of Hay and Telephone Poles, just west of Hwy 17 near Hooper, CO.

The fields near Saguache are especially verdant because that part of the valley is an endorheic basin. The green contrasts with the sculptural hay bale wall.

Single Haybale Wall in Green Field, Saguache, CO.

a field of potato and canola crops near center, co.

Potato Field and Canola Flowers with Sangre de Cristo mountain range behind, east of Center, CO.

A series of farm buildings sit behind a field of potato plants in the San Luis Valley, CO.

Potato Field with Farm Buildings, San Luis Valley, CO.

A sparse collection of trees, probably near a small source of water, that characterizes the types of trees you see in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado.

Trees on the Plain from HWY 285, Near Monte Vista, CO.

The ridges in this furrowed field run straight toward a single tree on a country road, near Center, CO, in the San Luis Valley.

Furrowed Soil and Single Tree, County Road 112, near Center, CO.

A view of a farm house and barn across a field of yellowing grasses from County Road 112 in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado.

Farm House and Yellow Field, County Road 112, San Luis Valley, CO

A farm south of center Colorado with grain bins and a furrowed field.

Grain Bins and Trees, possibly barley, south of Center, Colorado.

Silver grain bins in the San Luis Valley, near Center, CO, on Highway 285.

Series of Silver Grain Bins in Bright Sun, off Highway 285, near Center, CO.

A farm in the south western section of the San Luis Valley of Colorado with hay bale walls and other farming buildings in the fall.

Farm to the Southwest with Hay Bales and Out Buildings, near Monte Vista, CO.

Central San Luis Valley farm with center pivot sprinkler and out buildings, near Center, CO.

Distant Farming Structures over a Green Field, late October.

Two trees and farm house in the fall in the San Luis Valley, Highway 285, near Center, CO.

Farm House and Barns with Two Trees on HWY 285, October 16, 2020, near Center, CO.

A fall scene of a farm house, yellow tree, harvested field and grain bins just off Highway 285 close to Monte Vista, Colorado.

Fall Farmhouse, Tree and Field, near Monte Vista, Colorado.

Looking across a potato field toward the mountains behind Saguache, CO, as seen from Center, CO.

Facing the Saguache Range from Center, CO.

​A large Cumulus Cloud over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and a Farm, taken from Country Road D, near Center, CO

Large Cumulus Cloud Over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Farm, Country Road D, near Center, CO

In the winter, pivot sprinklers sit still in the fields they water in the spring and summer.

Pivot Irrigation in Winter, northern San Luis Valley, CO.

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