In early 2006, I spent a lot of time in the studio of my wife, the painter Tatjana Krizmanic, watching her work or talking about art or mundane matters. At one point, I noticed in a new way the used tubes of paint on her side table, rolling cart, and easel. They had so much character. I thought of them as veterans of the studio, bent, disfigured, covered in colors not always their own, marked by the fingers of the artist. They appeared noble, resting in a kind of tired repose, and still incredibly vital, like artworks themselves. I was inspired to photograph them and bit by bit this series emerged.

A tube of yellow paint reclining on its side.

Yellow on its side

20" x "14, chromagenic print. Edition of 12.

A used paint tube of Gamblin Artists Oil Colors, Ultramarine Blue.

Blue Arch, Gamblin Ultramarine Blue, 2013. 14" x 12", edition of 12.

Curled up tube of blue paint, manufacturer unknown.

Curled Up, 16" x 20", edition of 12.

Paint tube of green pigment with black cap alongside it.
Green with Black Cap, 16" x "20, edition of 12.
Tube of yellow paint with a black cap.

Yellow with Black Cap

12" x "10, chromogenic print. Edition of 12.

A used and squeezed red tube.

Red Tube, Facing left. 16" x "20, archival pigment print. Edition of 12.

Redhead, 16" x 24".

An upside down tube of used Titanium Zinc White by Williamsburg Paints.

Upside down Williamsburg Titanium Zinc White, 2019. 16" x 20", edition of 12.

A paint tube upside-down resting on its cap with a body covered in various colors.

Tube Resting on Cap, unidentified paint company, 2012, 16" x 20".

Veterans of the Studio, 16" x 20".

A folded, used tube of Cobalt Blue paint with a dash of red paint on its black cap.

Cobalt Blue with Red on Its Cap, 2022.

Yellow Meet Green, 16" x 20".

Colorful Curled Up, 16" x 20".

Three upside-down paint tubes, Windsor newton magenta and cadmium yellow; M. Graham & Co unidentified

Windsor Newton Magenta and Cadmium Yellow; M. Graham & Co. unidentified, 2019. 20" x 16", edition of 12.

A used tube of Windsor Newton orange lying on its side with other colors on the body of the tube.

Windsor Newton, Orange Tube on Its Side, 2022.

A paint tube splattered with many colors resting on its side.

White Tube on Its Side, 16" x 20".

Looking down the barrel at a used paint tube of yellow-orange.

Fulgent, 16" x 20".

A paint tube with red paint and its outer layer split resting on its side.

Split Skin, 16" x 20".

Williamsburg paint company, pale yellow used paint tube, standing on its end.

I Stand By My Accomplishments, 16" x 20".

A poster in support of humanitarian aid to Ukraine consisting of a blue and a yellow paint tube standing on their caps.

Artists Stand with Ukraine Poster (Original Art Also Available)

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