A used paint tube of Gamblin Artists Oil Colors, Ultramarine Blue.

Blue Arch, Gamblin Ultramarine Blue, 2013. 14" x 12", edition of 12.

Curled up tube of paint, manufacturer unknown.

Curled Up, 14" x 12", edition of 12.

Paint tube of green pigment with black cap alongside it.
Green with Black Cap, 30" x "20, edition of 12.

Yellow on its side

20" x "14, chromagenic print. Edition of 12.

Yellow with Black Cap

12" x "10, chromogenic print. Edition of 12.

Yellow Meet Green

12" x "10, chromagenic print. Edition of 12.

Red Tube, Facing left, 2009. 12" x "10, chromagenic print. Edition of 12.

An upside down tube of used Titanium Zinc White by Williamsburg Paints.

Upside down Williamsburg Titanium Zinc White, 2019. 36" x 32", edition of 12.

A paint tube upside-down resting on its cap with a body covered in various colors.

Tube Resting on Cap, unidentified paint company, 2012

Three upside-down paint tubes, Windsor newton magenta and cadmium yellow; M. Graham & Co unidentified

Windsor Newton Magenta and Cadmium Yellow; M. Graham & Co. unidentified, 2019. 40" x 30", edition of 12.

A used tube of Windsor Newton orange lying on its side with other colors on the body of the tube.

Windsor Newton, Orange Tube on Its Side, 2022.

Red Tube Close Up (4' x 4')


Mottled Tube on Its Side

Colorful Curled UP

Artists Stand with Ukraine Poster (Original Art Also Available)

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