NY Horizontal

In NY Horizontal, I'm experimenting with capturing the breadth of a crowded area through a very wide print (60" x 16").  I began at Times Square, the obvious place. I started right before the pandemic. I thought that a wide horizontal frame might capture that sense of crowdedness being everywhere across one’s field of view when you encounter a busy space, but also show that crowds are made of many pieces. The fresco or relief-like aspect ratio also allows the eye to fall upon these smaller moments - to in a way capture your own snapshot within the wider field. So to me they are fun, like a puzzle or a drawing with hidden elements you can discover on your own.

Passersby walk across 7th Avenue at 42nd street, midday.

Crosswalk, Times Square. 30" x 8".

Passersby with umbrellas on a rainy day, 42nd street and broadway.

Commuters and Umbrellas, Times Square. 30" x 8".

Selfies at Times Square.

Selfies, Times Square. 30" x 8".

Crossing 42nd street in the rain with umbrellas.

Umbrella Crosses 42nd Street. 30" x 8".

People dining on a sunny late afternoon near 42nd Street.

Dining outside in later afternoon, Times Square. 30" x 8".

Tourists, Times Square. 30" x 8".

In front of the NY Public Library, a vendor pushes his cart.

Vendor pushes his cart in front of the NY Public Library. 30" x 8".

Tourists at Times Square.

Tourists #2, Times Square. 30" x 8".

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